Winter Fashion with Modest Trends London

The days are getting darker as winter draws nearer but shine bright this season with some festive winter wear! Find your perfect modest style in your own way – with a little help from us here at Modest Trends London! Winter is a great time of year, and we’ve put together a few items from our collection that we think you might love.

Winter colours are all about those rich, jewel tones. If its eye catching you want, look no further than this royal blue satin maxi dress.

Its silky satin fabric is luxurious to touch, and its elegant drape makes it flattering and stylish. It also makes it easy to layer with warm winter undergarments, to help keep that pesky Jack Frost at bay!


 Nothing says winter like cosy oversized knitwear! Cosy up by the fire with a hot chocolate in this chunky cardigan. Its oversized design is both comfortable and modest, not to mention classically chic! Available in a steely grey or a warm pink, you can’t go wrong with this winter wardrobe staple.

Another Modest Trends item that’ll keep you feeling snug this winter is this comfy knitted co-ord set, available in black and grey. The soft fabric and oversized fit make it perfect for curling up on the sofa at home, the stretch and style allowing for a full range of motion – definitely a winter essential!

Its stylish design and coordinated colour scheme also make it perfect for every day wear; we recommend adding a splash of colour with a seasonal scarf, such as this colourful red print scarf. Red is a traditional winter seasonal colour, and its vibrant design and rich colour adds a delightful contrast to the minimalistic black of the knitted co-ord set.

Modest Trends Co-ord set

For more formal settings, this modest and sophisticated abaya is a rich seasonal tone that with make you the star of any gathering. The intricate embroidery on the shoulders calls attention to the elegance of its cut, and the paired scarf gives a complete look that is modest and graceful. The splash of colour provided by the intricate designs along torso will brighten any room, chasing away the winter blues.

 Finally, any wardrobe is incomplete without a range of scarves to choose from. This royal blue scarf is vibrant and eye catching. Pair it with neutral tones or throw it together with other vibrant hues to suit your personal style, the versatility of this beautiful scarf is limitless.

This deep plum scarf is perfect for winter, its warm tones make it suitable for matching with a variety of traditional seasonal colours and outfits. It’s minimalistic design gives it further versatility, so whether you decide to dress it up or dress it down, this scarf is a must-have this season!

Last and definitely not least, this patterned scarf is a s must-have for your winter wardrobe. Reminiscent of the morning frost on the ground of early winter mornings, the icy cool hues of this scarf add a subtle yet sophisticated finish to any outfit.

So, there we have it! Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog and support our small, independent business. Whatever you decide to do this winter to celebrate, do it in style.

Written with love by Danielle on 23rd November, 2021

Fall into Autumn with Modest Trends.

The leaves are changing colour, there’s a chill in the air, and the coffee shops are selling pumpkin spiced lattes, which can mean only one thing; autumn is here!

We’re all sad to be seeing summer go, but don’t worry! Here at Modest Trends, we’re here to help you dress to impress this autumn. As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, look and feel fabulous in our stunning collections.

Here’s a few items that we think you might love;

What is autumn without the striking reds and golds of falling leaves? The satisfying crunch as they crumble underfoot marks one of the most beautiful seasons of all! This burnt orange maxi-dress perfectly reflects the beautiful serenity of the autumn season, and with its long sleeved, floor length fit, you’re well equipped to face the chilly autumnal weather!

Dress it up or dress it down to suit every occasion, it’s vibrant print is reminiscent of the twirling shades and stunning colours of autumn.  

This black and red maxi dress is an elegant fit perfect for romantic dinners or evening events. The sophisticated black and red colour scheme are classic, yet the vibrant red matches any autumnal colour palette. The deluxe satin fabric is beautiful both to touch and to wear, bringing an instant classical beauty vibe to any outfit.

 We recommend selecting a scarf to match the red and green accent colours of the dress, for example, this red flower print scarf.

This forest green Abaya has beautiful cool tones, deep and subtle, perfect for autumn. The rich green is perfect for matching with other earthy autumn colours, like brown or mustard yellow.

The elegant jeweling patterns and embellishments are subtle yet intricate, making this item perfect for any formal or semi-formal occasion. The elegant drape is timeless and modest, making this an excellent choice of any autumnal event.

This warm chocolate maxi dress is perfect for autumn! It’s simple yet elegant, and its smooth earthy tones make it a perfect shade for the season. Its modest design make it easy to wear and easy to accessorise. We recommend pairing this brown dress with other autumnal shades, such as warm yellow or burnt orange tones.


And last but not least, this vibrant number! This radiant orange dress is simple in design, but absolutely eye catching in colour! A classical fall orange, the balloon sleeves fall beautifully, creating a modest silhouette for any function.

written with love by Danielle on 26th October 2021





Your body, your choice: fashion trends for the 2021 Muslim woman

A woman deserves respect for who she is, not what she prefers to wear. Why must a woman wardrobe become a part of debate? Why is there a need to inspect and point out what a woman wears? All women should be free to wear what they want to, because our body = our choice

Modest fashion has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Modest clothing is not only limited to Muslim women but women from other religions also feel comfortable in modest clothing. The fashion industry has made dressing for Muslim women easier, as designers and brands have taken on trends that fit in modest clothing. Loose fitting shapes, more covered up silhouettes and creative layering as made modest fashion the latest popular trend.


Who doesn’t prefer a comfortable baggy look these days? Kimonos are perfect for the 2021 because they are comfy, chic, flattering, and perfect for in and out the house. For a dressier look, team a plain kimono with a maxi dress and heels. If you’re looking for something simple, wear an all white outfit underneath and seal the look with a printed kimono. Flats are a perfect edition if you are looking for a more casual look. 


2021 must have trendy item in your wardrobe should definitely be the kaftan. Kaftans look wonderful with or without hijabs. They look feminine and give you a very charismatic look. Elevate your look this season with our Dinah Grey Abaya  kaftan paired with your favorite mules, hand bag and a matching scarf.



 Abayas, both flowy and fitted are easy to carry and great to slip on over outfits or on their own. There are now lots of fashionable varieties and colours to choose from. Closed umbrella abayas, open coat abayas, butterfly abayas and layered abayas. Don't be afraid to experiment your style. 

 Written by Iqra, April 2021